Sunday, January 13, 2013

niwa89 said: You are a talented artist !

thanks! though ‘m always conflicted about people saying that, because on one hand it’s a well-meant compliment, on the other hand “talent” suggests an innate or “god-given” ability which will manifest itself regardless of factors such as upbringing and hard work and social-economical status etc. etc. 

and “talent” is a double-edged word. i used to get really angry at friends who abandon drawing because they think they’re “not talented enough”. it just. i mean. i’ve come to accept that this is the conventional way of praise, just. er. i dunno, thank you for your well-meaning compliment and sorry about the rant >_> <_< >_>;;;


  1. n0ireclipse said: i completely understand
  2. fabledquill said: i’m really glad someone else feels like this, haha
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