Monday, August 20, 2012

[Boy and his Box] 
“Looks like it’s just you and me again old girl”
i miss Nine D:
that wonderful bloke with all his shell-shocked bravado and survivors guilt

#Oh my bb Nine #After you ended the Time War #flipped the switch reversed the polarity activated the doomsday device #After it was over and your eyes opened and you woke up #you realized that you hadn’t been killed #for some terrible reason you couldn’t begin to understand you’d been spared #even though you didn’t deserve it or want it you’d been spared #How long did you stay like this? #Alone in your TARDIS wondering WHY? #Wondering what you were supposed to do now?#Wondering if it was even possible to be a fraction of the man you’d been before?#Re-examining everything over and over again and never coming to any conclusion except you deserved to die #And then deciding that if you were going to die you’d at least die while saving others #And so you went to your console and laid your hands on your TARDIS and whispered a quiet plea that she would take you where you needed to go #And lo and behold there was a Nestene infestation right in the middle of London #And your hands were swift and sure when they made that explosive device #and everything was going to plan #except a troublesome human in the basement#I have a bit of a Nine situation (via gallifreyburning)
what the. what. do people usually write essays in TAGS?!?!? wuuuuuut >_>


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